Mary Poppins (singingthang) wrote in darkmoonscape,
Mary Poppins

something i wrote in my journal 5 days ago

i had THE greatest dream last night, holy... lol ok... you all know how Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob are having a spat because Angie is giving their son "too much attention" and "neglecting" Billy Bob.

So anyway i dreamt that i was at a hotel and i saw Angelina and i went up to her and tried to comfort her and tell her that Billy Bob was being totally unfair and stuff..and she was kinda just trying to get away from everyone and kinda ignoring me, and so anyway i went to sit down at this living room where my dad was watching TV and Angelina comes and sits down next to me, and i guess i dont notice her... so my dad asks me "what wrong?" and im like "eh.. i dunno..i feel like shit." and then Angelina turns to me, and asks me "why?" and im like " trying to make you feel better and i just CANT. and thats horrible." and shes like "awh.thats really sweet" and she SMILED at me..eeeee... and then i reached out and touched her cheek and turned her face towards me and im like "well you have a wonderful heart and you're just an amazing woman...that an would be a fool to leave you" and she smiled (AGAIN! eeeeee) and kissed me. and said "thank you so much."

then i woke up! why do i ALWAYS have to wake up??

she looked SO radiant in my dream though..she was wearing a white tank top and black pants and her hair up in a pony tail.. and she just beauty multiplied by 100000000000.

so i wrote that 5 days ago..and every day since then ive had that same dream. only a couple of nights ago it was a little different..this time angie sat down and i asked her what was wrong, and she looked at me and literally told me her whole life story and i wasnt the least bit bored,and then we just completely opened up to eachother and again it ended in a kiss..but its just amazing. completely confused.

and i should mention i know nothing about her, and never really thought of her till i heard about her and billy bob. and even then..i didnt really think of her much.

help me.
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