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Dreaming for me is such an escape. I can do whatever I want because I can control everything there. I love knowing that I'm dreaming and making certain things happen because it feels real. I dream very vividly, this is great for good dreams..but my nightmares are terrible. I had one dream once where I was walking through some building and was in the main hall or something and there were people everywhere. I walked into a corridor and on the right was a window and a lake with very murky water with a very old and worng wood dock going into it. There was an old, worn, little, wood boat at the end of the dock. At the other side of the shore there was a forest. On my left i walked past a number of about 4x4 ft size rooms and in one of them was shaggy and scooby (from scooby doo). I kept walking and stopped when I came to a woman and two men-soldier type people (the woman looked a bit like xena)-the woman was in front of the men and they all formed a triangle. The woman saluted this beast thing-it looked like a boar sort of but covered in goo and blood and stuff. The woman then said something (i forget what) and the beast bit the first half of her body off. I ran away past the beast after that to the boat and got away from the beast that way. More happened then but it's really hard to explain because i don't remember very well, this was about5 years ago or so. Well, I woke up and i was so scared I was sweating, could barely move and could barely breathe..well, that's just one of my nightmares. It's weird how i don't find it scary at all now and back then it was so terrifying.
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