Master of Fire (magister_pyro) wrote in darkmoonscape,
Master of Fire

I'm new! Here's a dream!

This one day when I came home from school, I decided to crash on the couch in the living room. It was there I had this crazy dream.

It all started in my living room (where I was sleeping). I got home and I was insanely tired so I rested on the couch--but then my dad got home, so we exchanged a few words before he went downstairs to watch TV like he usually does. I stayed upstairs and returned to the couch for a snooze, thinking about a friend and how badly I wanted to talk to her. I woke up to the sounds of a song she had mentioned to be before--I forget the name of the band now, but when played backwards it said "Godzilla, yo!" and I remember wanting to hear it. So I woke up and looked over the armrest at the stereo that was positioned beside the couch, watching a CD turn in it.
The words came out backwards and I couldn't understand what was being sung, so I popped open the lid and took out the CD to stare at it. The song that was playing didn't even belong to the band! --The music kept playing. The CD was no longer in my hand, but instead back in the stereo and everything was playing normally. I was confused.

Suddenly my friend looked over my shoulder (as if she had been there the entire time) and I looked up at her. We started talking about it, and I took a seat on the couch. While we talked I moved from the couch over to the chair--we seemed to switch places. However, when I turned around and sat down on the chair, she was gone. I stared an emptiness with the things that we talked about still lingering in my head...Wasn't she just..? I called my dad. He came upstairs. I looked at him and asked him if he had heard me talking to anyone, but he dodged the question. I kept nagging at him for an answer until dropping it and sitting down at the table for dinner.

Afterwards I went online and talked to Bryon who referred me to his Thursday group meeting, since my problem sounded like a mental one. Next thing I was talking to my mom about it that dragged me to her Thursday meeting thing. I don't know what the meeting was, or what it's real name was just referred to as the "Thursday Group Meeting".

So now we were standing in a hospital/clinic type thing, mom disappeared, and I waddled into the little meeting room by myself. I helped a crippled woman into a chair, but I did it poorly since I'm pretty rough when I handle something. She didn't want my help anymore. The meeting coordinator chased me out of the room, saying she wanted me to wait by the Guest Services/Customer Service/something Service desk. I just left and walked right out of the building feeling rejected.

The sky was the colour of twilight.

I walked across the parking lot to where a group of people were hanging around inside this hole in the pavement partially full of water like it was some kind of hottub. The water was murky, and during a little splashing some got into my mouth and it tasted disgusting. The group had around seven people--friends of my parents, supposedly. I sat idly by as they all played around and just goofed off before it was time to go.

...And then I woke up.
This is on out of many weird dreams I've had in the past few months.
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