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My Bestfriend.

My dream, I was back at home chilling with my best friend out by her house. We were hanging out all over town, just like we did when I was at home. She had got a letter from one of her old friends. I think that the letter was questioning her integrity or something, and she was saying something about her being glad we were best friends or whatnot. Than she was taking a liar detector test to send back to the letter she had . received She has a deep heart. Than after she did that we went to the start of here , neighborhood, and she was sad because they were building a sub division by here . neighborhood. Than she asked me would they ever stop, and I said "no". That made her even more sad. than after that we went a little water park to go down a long water slide and to jump off a cliff. Her grand parents were jumping off the cliff into the cold cold river in there clothes, it was crazy. I guess I had this dream because all i can think about is home and my best friend.
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